Eternal Radiance Special Developer Interview

Hello everyone!

In this special developer interview, 1Print Games asks Visualnoveler, creator of Eternal Radiance, some questions about the conception, development, and things you may not know about the game. Read on below!

1Print Games: First, please tell us how the idea to make Eternal Radiance came about.

The idea for Eternal Radiance came about after we finished working on one of our previous visual novels and we wanted to try something new. Since we like playing JRPGs and we were familiar with it, we decided to try making one.

1Print Games: What were some of the inspirations for Eternal Radiance?

Some of the inspirations for the game are Kingdom Hearts and Ys VIII. For the gameplay, we took inspirations from JRPGs like Ys VIII and other similar games with hack-and-slash style combat.

When it comes to the writing, another inspiration was the Tales series. The writer loves how Tales uses skits to show short, funny interactions between party members. That was a feature we knew we wanted to include in Eternal Radiance. The writer also loves when JRPGs have NPC dialogue that changes throughout the game, so that was included as well.

1Print Games: Did you face any challenges while making the game?

We had to develop the game to be as cost-effective as possible since making a RPG is expensive. The costs add up quickly as we add in more content such as new characters so we had to consider it carefully before adding it into the game.

At one point, we had to cut some planned story ideas from the final game, which required parts of the story to be reworked. Figuring out how to wrap things up in a satisfactory way with the new scope was a particular challenge.

1Print Games: What are some of the unused ideas that didn’t make it into Eternal Radiance?

There were some parts of the story content that were cut towards the end due to production costs. It was going to be a lot longer originally. We went through several possible plans for how to handle the game’s ending without that content, and finally settled on this version as the best option.

Party member talent trees were also considered but were not implemented towards the end as we didn’t have enough resources to flesh it out properly.

1Print Games: What made you decide on bringing together a 3D action based battle system and visual novel system in this game?

Since we had already developed visual novels, it felt like a natural choice for how to handle the storytelling in Eternal Radiance. Meanwhile, we wanted this to be a full JRPG, so we merged the two: visual novel scenes for the story and 3D action combat for the gameplay.

1Print Games: Do you have any plans to make a sequel to Eternal Radiance?

There are currently no plans to make a sequel.

1Print Games: Are you working on any new projects at this time? Would you mind dropping a hint on what you’re working on?

We’re working on a new smaller-scale project and it’s still in the early prototyping phase so we don’t have much to share about it yet. Here’s hoping we’ll be able to share news about it soon!

1Print Games: Before we end this interview, do you have any words to share with our fans and customers?

Thank you for playing our game! I hope you enjoyed the world of Eternal Radiance and the characters in it!


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