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Death Squared Interview With Ashley Ringrose

Hello everyone! 1Print Games co-founder Iggy recently spoke to SMG Studio founder Ashley Ringrose about the wonderful party game Death Squared. In this special interview, Ash discusses about the origins of Death Squared, things you may not know about the game, and its future! 1Print Games: First, let’s talk about the origins of Death Squared. […]

Ring in the new year with the 1Print Games 2021 Lucky Box!

1Print Games is excited to announce our very first Lucky Box to welcome 2021! The Lucky Box is similar to what the Japanese call a Fukubukuro (Lucky Bag), which contain mystery goodies at a special price. You can find Fukubukuro at places such as Starbucks and McDonald’s in Japan. This year, we’re following the Fukubukuro […]

Ittle Dew Interview With Daniel, Regnslöja, And Nils

Hey folks, 1Print Games co-founder Iggy recently spoke to members at Swedish development studio Ludosity who worked on the very first Ittle Dew game. Learn what game designer Daniel Remar artists Anton Nilsson (Regnslöja) and Nils Härgestam have to say about Ittle Dew’s beginnings, the Ittle Dew Limited Edition, and the future of Ittle Dew! […]

Death Squared Limited Edition Launches September 18

Hello everyone. Hope you are well! We are excited to announce that the Death Squared Limited Edition is launching on September 18, 2020 for USD34.99! Death Squared is a cooperative puzzle game that could be enjoyed by up to 4 players. Work together to solve hundreds of puzzles… or die trying! This famous multiplayer puzzle […]

Ittle Dew Limited Edition Is Coming On March 31

Hey everyone! We’re happy to announce that the Ittle Dew Limited Edition is launching on March 31, 2020 for USD34.99! Ittle Dew is a puzzle adventure game that takes place on an island filled with crazy inhabitants, mysteries, puzzles, and treasure! It’s been 6 years since Ittle Dew was first released, so what better way […]

Kero Blaster Interview With Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya

Hey folks, This month, we interviewed Kero Blaster and Cave Story creator Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya to learn more about the game, its history, and development. Check out the Japanese interview here! Without further ado, let’s dive in! 1Print Games: Let’s talk about the origins of Kero Blaster. We know you decided to remake Gero Blaster […]

Hello, World! Meet 1Print Games

Hello, world! We are 1Print Games, a new independent physical publisher for indie games on Nintendo Switch. 1Print Games was founded by co-founders Iggy and Nitro. Both of us are passionate and life-long Nintendo gamers who love great indie games just like you do. Earlier this year, we came up with an idea to help […]