Hello, World! Meet 1Print Games

Hello, world! We are 1Print Games, a new independent physical publisher for indie games on Nintendo Switch.

1Print Games was founded by co-founders Iggy and Nitro. Both of us are passionate and life-long Nintendo gamers who love great indie games just like you do.

Earlier this year, we came up with an idea to help support and broaden the reach of indies and their games in the industry. This idea had no relation to making games at all.

Though we couldn’t say what that idea was (as we may revisit it in the future), it later evolved into making physical games exclusively for Nintendo Switch. Hence, we came up with 1Print Games. Our vision is to create high quality products that gamers, fans, and collectors can enjoy, and celebrate indie games together.

Our first game, all ready to ship, is Kero Blaster, a challenging classic action game developed by Cave Story creator Studio PIXEL. We are very proud to have worked with Studio PIXEL’s Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya for this project. It’s fitting to have his game as our first release.

We have worked closely with Daisuke Amaya to make a package fit for Kero Blaster fans. Inside the Limited Edition you will find a copy of the Kero Blaster physical game for Nintendo Switch, Kero Rhythm: Kero Blaster Original Soundtrack CD, Hero Acrylic Keychain, Numbered Authenticity Card, Booklet, and Logo Sticker. Find out more about our exclusive Kero Blaster Limited Edition here (product page).

We have also revealed our next two games which are coming in 2020 – Ludosity’s Ittle Dew and SMG Studio’s Death Squared. Ittle Dew is a classic adventure game inspired by 2D Zelda games, and Death Squared is a puzzle multiplayer game great for parties – up to 4 players have to work together to reach the goal without getting killed.

The Kero Blaster Limited Edition is now available exclusively at the 1Print Games website. We have Kero Blaster in-hand and the game will ship on November 29, 2019. A Triple Set which includes Kero Blaster, Ittle Dew, and Death Squared is also available for pre-order. We highly recommend the triple set to collectors as there’s a small discount and you can save on shipping. Both Ittle Dew and Death Squared will be available individually in 2020 once we have them in-hand.

I can’t wait to share with you more details about Kero Blaster, Ittle Dew, Death Squared, and our future games launching in 2020. We have many more updates to share with you in the weeks and months ahead, so I hope you will look forward to them.

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Thank you for reading our introductory message. Let’s play and celebrate indie games together!