Sky Racket And Slap City Physical Editions Coming In 2023

Hey folks,

Today, we are super excited to reveal our 8th and 9th Nintendo Switch physical games, set to launch in 2023!

Sky Racket

Double Dash Studio’s shoot’em up and block breaker mashup, Sky Racket, will be released physically in 2023. Dodge, dive, and grab your laser tennis racket battling a horde of fluffy enemies trying to blow you up back to the ground! More details about the game and its Limited Edition will be announced in 2023, with individual pre-orders beginning at the same time.

Slap City

Ludosity’s platform fighting game, Slap City, will be released physically in 2023! Featuring Ludosity fan favorite characters such as Ittle Dew and Princess Remedy, casual and competitive players can enjoy 9 game modes, online crossplay, tons of unlockable content, and much more. Look forward to more details about Slap City and its Limited Edition in 2023. Individual pre-orders will begin when those details are announced.

Triple Set

If you’re planning to get In Other Waters, Sky Racket, and Slap City we recommend you to pre-order the In Other Waters, Sky Racket, Slap City triple set! Not only will you save on shipping – you get a USD5 discount by purchasing all three games together. This Triple Set is scheduled to ship in Q2 2023.

Pre-order the Triple Set now.

That’s all we have to share today. Please look forward to the release of Sky Racket and Slap City in 2023!