Paradise Killer Limited Edition Out March 31 On Nintendo Switch!

Hey there,

I’m happy to share with you our sixth game, the award winning open world murder mystery Paradise Killer, is launching on March 31, 2022! Pre-orders begin today.

Paradise Killer Limited Edition is limited to 3000 units and includes a physical copy of the Nintendo Switch game, inner cover artwork, Lady Love Dies Acrylic Keychain, Paradise Killer: A Guide for Investigation Freaks, Paradise Killer Numbered Authenticity Card, and Paradise Killer Logo Sticker. The Paradise Killer physical edition is complete-on-cart with the latest update featuring new music tracks, mysterious beings, and more.

In Paradise Killer, you play as investigation freak Lady Love Dies, who has been summoned from exile to investigate the murder of Paradise’s Council on the eve of the island’s rebirth. Gather evidence, interrogate suspects, and uncover secrets in a surreal world while enjoying the vaporwave soundtrack composed by Barry “Epoch” Topping.

Paradise Killer has received critical acclaim worldwide, with awards such as PC Gamer’s Best Adventure Game of 2020 and IGN Japan’s 2021 Best Soundtrack of the Year.

Buy it now on 1Print Games.

In addition, you can also purchase Eternal Radiance and Paradise Killer (product page) or Neo Cab and Paradise Killer (product page) together in a set to save on shipping costs, or order the Neo Cab, Eternal Radiance, and Paradise Killer triple set (product page) shipping from March 31.