In Other Waters Limited Edition Out August 26 On Nintendo Switch!

Hey there,

We have a summer surprise for you today!

I am happy to share with you the 7th game in the 1Print Games lineup is Jump Over the Age’s award winning aquatic adventure In Other Waters, launching next week on August 26, 2022! Pre-orders begin today.

In Other Waters Limited Edition is limited to 3000 units worldwide, and the physical edition is complete-on-cart with the latest updates. Similar to our previous releases, this Limited Edition includes a physical Nintendo Switch game with inner cover artwork, “AI Housing” Acrylic Keychain, “BAIKAL Extrasolar Data Packet” booklet, In Other Waters Numbered Authenticity Card, and In Other Waters Logo Sticker.

We will be sharing photos and details about the items included in this Limited Edition on social media, so if you haven’t already, please follow us on Facebook/Twitter!

In Other Waters is a serene aquatic adventure where you play as an Artificial Intelligence guiding a stranded xenobiologist through a beautiful and mysterious alien ocean. Enjoy a non-violent sci-fi story, enter a world of wonder, fear and vulnerability, and unravel the history and ecology of an impossible planet. In Other Waters was the winner of the Indiecade 2019 Jury Prix Award and has received critical acclaim from media such as GameSpot and The Washington Post.

Pre-order now on 1Print Games.

Besides In Other Waters, we have started taking pre-orders for our next triple set!

This triple set includes In Other Waters, Game 8, and Game 9. It is scheduled to ship in Q2 2023. Although I can’t show you what Game 8 and Game 9 are today, we plan to announce them later in 2022. If you like the games we have released so far, I promise that you will also like our upcoming games.

As the triple set is offered at a small discount, we highly recommend it to collectors and fans of our 1Print Games lineup. You get to save on shipping, too!

Pre-order the triple set here.

Last but not least – we have also started taking pre-orders for a special set that includes Neo Cab, Paradise Killer, and In Other Waters. All 3 games are narrative games published by indie publisher Fellow Traveller! So if you like the games from them, we highly recommend this set. Plus, you can save on shipping too. This set is scheduled to ship from August 26, 2022.

Pre-order the set here.